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Shadok motto's
Shadok motto's

Since August 2016, this blog has opened your kitchen recipes. Vesna, my wife, regularly publishes her recipes with passion and enthusiasm. Today, I publish a humor ticket.

Like any site, this blog is subject to attacks by a few people or groups of people who try, by interests or games, to take control. For my part, I try to maintain this functional environment, accessible and free from any viruses or other digital critters that some geniuses to unfinished education have produced.

Since August 2016, therefore, some 30,000 intrusion attempts have been recorded. A very small part of these attacks are really elaborated, so I will not talk about them. Remains all others (99.99%), consisting of trying a username and password.

So for six months, I have been in contact with strange behavior people, whom I will call «Shadoks» (1). In their history, they know that they have a chance of one chance on a million to succeed. Their behavior suggests that they therefore hurry to miss and as quickly as possible 999’999 first attempts to have a 1’000’000th successful. So these Shadoks (1) have adopted the motto :

Continually trying, we end up succeeding.
So: the more you miss, the more you luck it works!


Another motto also seems to animate them:

It is better to mobilize his intelligence on bullshit,
That to mobilize his bullshit on intelligent things!


Some are running out of steam and are replaced by others, just as Shadok (1) as their illustrious predecessors. Whereas these Shadoks (1) annoy me, it is the fact that they did not give me time to prepare to celebrate the passage of the 8’000 recognized Shadoks. So, in order not to miss the passage of the 10’000, I will begin the preparations for this event that would dedicate to all these scattered. I’m not talking about robots (bots) that have taken control of machines that their legitimate users are holding in spite of themselves, but the sponsors of these attacks and their servants. Thus «Chef Shadok» (2) and their «Devin Plombier» (3) supported by some «Professor Shadok» (4) deserve a special mention. Let us not forget that a Shadok brain is very limited because it consists of four boxes.

I can not give you a specific date for this event, but I’m sure the Shadoks (1) will not make us wait.

But let us leave these sad individuals behind.

With my wife, we would like to thank all the visitors, who find on this blog, their interests, new or old ideas, through the best traditional recipes and of course new creation. We look forward to seeing you soon with your comments and comments.

Your servant Michel Rohr


Additional Information

Notice : (1) I would like to point out that the term “Shadok” which I use here is not addressed to the French, but to a few individuals behaving like characters, as the series created by Mr. Jacques Rouxel, described perfectly in this magnificent work of animation.

(2) Chef Shadok :

Known for his character, he “cheffaillait” at all odds, commanding everything in his immediate surroundings. He had to order, command, point the direction with the finger of his scepter, that of the Goulp, formidable and Ignoble jail where were sent the free-rider Shadoks who pretended to pump … or those who were surprised not to drive without the “Permit not to Drive” that Chief Shadok had established.

(3) Devin Plombier :

Director of Consciousness and Fittings, he was especially concerned with astrology. Every morning he was in charge of raising the sun. It took him the time he needed, but every day he got there, and because of that the Shadoks respected him and admired him. But as all this still left him a lot of freedom, the rest of the time, astrology was supposed to tip on the future, he was a plumber. He detected water leaks and unclogged the taps.

(4) Professor Shadok :

Mathematician and physicist, this distinguished researcher was the appointed scientist of the Shadok people. He was a designer of the Shadok rocket, and then of the Cosmopompe. He made brilliant lectures, not always clear, but which forced admiration, notably on noodles and strainers, the geometry of points and lines, or on Tombology, Neo-Newtonian theory tending to show that sometimes things did not fall, they “détombaient”, especially when they were rushing upwards.

Some mottos

Continually trying, we end up succeeding. So: the more you miss, the more you luck it works.
It is better to mobilize his intelligence on crap that to mobilize his bullshit on intelligent things.
With a staircase planned for the ascent we often managed to climb lower than we would have descended with a staircase planned for the descent.
It is better to pump even if nothing happens that risk something worse by not pumping.

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